Our Walk Together

The Intersection of Faith and Mental Illness with Michael Scholtes

Episode Summary

Michael Scholtes is the author of "Darkwater: A Pastor's Memoir of Depression and Faith." He is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and has lived with depression for most of his life. He talks openly about the intersection of mental illness and faith, and finds these discussions to be healing and helpful for everyone involved.

Episode Notes

Michael has known depression inside and out since childhood, including two hospital stays and multiple suicide attempts. And yet He has a strong faith in God, and has been living out that faith as a parish pastor for the past fifteen years. In his book "Darkwater" (Boyle & Dalton Press, 2022), He tells his life story from the perspective of both depression and faith. He describe it as two voices that he hears constantly -- the "Dark Voice" of depression that tells him that he is worthless and horrible, and the still, small voice of God who whispers to him that he is beloved and worthy. He has a unique perspective to offer as someone with a strong (Lutheran) faith, a deep and thoughtful experience of depression, AND the willingness and desire to be open about both. He believes that he can offer hope to people who live with mental illness, hope that it's okay to struggle with this, that it's not a moral or spiritual failing. And also hope that there is abundant life available no matter what.